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The college ministry at EPC Marshall is set to launch in Fall of 23! We will gather around good coffee and be grounded in the Word. 


If you'd like more information, or would like to help be part of our launch team, click the link below and send Weston an email! 


Our college ministry will be headed up by our senior pastor, Weston Blaha. Weston has been running a college ministry for the past three years at Belhaven University in Jackson, MS. Here are a couple of his thoughts on the college years:

"One of the major misconceptions regarding the college years is that students need to finish school before they can become active, participating members of the church. Even if this isn't spoken out loud, it is commonly practiced. This is a lie. Some of the most effective, impactful people I have ever had the honor of ministering among have been college students. At EPC Marshall, you will find more than a church that pours into you--you will find a place where you can make an impact."

If you are searching for a community of believers who share a desire to shine the light of Christ into a dark world, come join us at EPC Marshall. If you have specific gifts or talents and are searching for a place to serve, we have a place for you.

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