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The presbyterian structure of government means that EPC Marshall is Elder-led, Deacon-served, and Staff-supported.



The Session typically consists of six ruling elders and one teaching elder. These men oversee the governing of the church. Being an elder is a calling of the Lord, and is perpetual, unless laid aside. The Session is responsible for leading worship, the administration of the sacraments, and discipline in the church.


The Diaconate at EPC is in place to extend compassion and help to those in need within the church and the community. Deacons are “serving leaders” in the church, caring for widows and others who are in crisis or challenging circumstances.


In addition to helping those in need, the diaconate cares for the church building and grounds. From moving furniture to fixing holes in the parking lot, these responsibilities are delegated to our deacons.

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4700 Victory Drive

Marshall, TX.


Phone: 903.935.7898


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