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About EPC Marshall

Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Marshall is a gathering of people who have one thing in common — a desire to know more fully the One who has given them life — Jesus Christ — and to live this life he has given, in the manner Christ intended. It´s not simply a question of “Am I saved?” but “What am I saved for?”


As God has brought us together to minister in his name, we realize that the manner in which we serve God and one another is as unique and different as the gifts God has so generously given us.


God´s infallible word, the Bible, is our guide for faith and life. We seek to practically apply the truths of God that are found in scripture. Our church’s motto "In essentials, unity; In non-essentials, liberty; In all things, charity" emphasizes that there are certain truths of God that are absolute. However, we realize that there are other areas that are non-essential in nature, that allow for various positions or interpretations. Whether we agree or disagree, we hold fast to those essential truths and display love in all things. We seek to model the character of Christ, who is love, in all that we do. 


At EPC of Marshall, we seek to grow in every sense of the word. Our primary concern is the spiritual development of the people God has assembled in our fellowship —to be a Christ-centered people in a self-centered world. We do this through Sunday morning teaching and worship experiences, small groups, book studies, monthly prayer meetings, and service to the church and community through our many ministries. 


An Inquirers Class is offered for those interested in examining basic Christian beliefs and learning more about EPC. During this five-week course, particular attention is given to the person and work of Jesus Christ, what it means to be a follower of Christ, how to live for Him, and the distinctives of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. There is no pressure to join EPC Marshall at the conclusion of the class, however, at the completion of the class, those who wish to become members of the church may request to do so.


Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Marshall was organized June 30, 1985 with 71 charter members.  In September, 1993, we held our first worship services at 4700 Victory Drive, our current location. For more on our history, click here.

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EPC Marshall follows the presbyterian structure of government, which simply means that we are Elder-led, but employ staff members, and are blessed by the labors of the diaconate. See more here.


We believe church membership is a biblical principle for Christians. If you would like to learn more about what it means to join EPC Marshall, click here.

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